The future of medicine is in your genes

The Million Veteran Program (MVP) is a national research program to learn how genes, lifestyle, and military exposures affect health and illness.

Since launching in 2011, over 900,000 Veterans have joined MVP, making it one of the world’s largest programs on genetics and health.

Joining MVP is easy

We make it easy to become an MVP partner. To join online, Veterans are asked to:

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Securely sign in or create an AccessVA account to verify your identity


Complete the consent process and allow access to health records


Conveniently schedule a visit to provide a blood sample


Complete surveys about health, lifestyle and military experience

Prefer to join in-person at a participating MVP location? Call the MVP Info Center toll-free at 866-441-6075 (Monday - Friday; 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET) to schedule a visit.

Leading the charge for better care, better health

1 million and more!

1 million and more!

Learn more about our mission to improve health for Veterans today and tomorrow.

MVP's impact

MVP's impact

Check out our Science Corner to learn about scientific discoveries thanks to MVP.

Have questions?

Have questions?

Explore our FAQs for answers to common questions about joining MVP, privacy, and more.

10 Years of MVP

A decade since welcoming the first participant, MVP has taught us more about how genetics and lifestyle contribute to health and disease.  At our 10-year milestone we thank all MVP participants for helping advance important Veteran research!

One mission, many reasons to join

Smiling Veteran wearing Disabled American Veteran vest and hat

Veterans seek opportunities to continue their service after their military careers have ended. Read why they decided to join MVP in their own words.

Archived articles

Women Veterans Day

In recognition of Women Veterans Day, thank you to all the service women -- past, present, and future. We value all the women Veterans who have joined MVP! Read more as we share stories about two of our partners and to learn about the important work MVP researchers are doing on women’s health.