MVP Analytics Environment and Tools

MVP provides the following centralized analytics environments and tools to support researchers in their studies. Researchers can also bring approved tools into the MVP analytics environment. The most commonly used analysis software and programming languages are available in the computational environments and updated regularly. New tools and software can be added upon request and approval.

Analytical environments

  • The Genomic Information System for Integrative Science (GenISIS) * is a high-performance computing cluster (HPC) that approved MVP researchers access to analyze MVP genetic data. In addition to 2,354 cores for analysis, it contains >6.3 PB of storage. Access from GenISIS to the VA enterprise cloud (VAEC) is currently being tested and will be available for MVP research in the future. 
  • The VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) * is a Health Services Research & Development Resource Center that provides researchers a nationwide view of high-value VA patient data. VINCI is a research and development partnership and operational platform for health services research, epidemiology, decision support, and business intelligence. All MVP awards use this system for controlled access and analysis of MVP clinical and survey data. 
  • MVP-CHAMPION (Computational Health Analytics for Medical Precision to Improve Outcomes Now) is a partnership between the VA and Department of Energy (DOE) formed in 2016 to combine VA health data, MVP data, computing resources, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies to drive precision medicine research. This environment is currently only available for Program-directed ORD projects.
    • DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) provides a computing environment accessible to both VA and DOE researchers for conducting research and analyzing MVP data. 
    • ORNL established a secure computing enclave for the VA called the Knowledge and Discovery Infrastructure (KDI), where copies of the VA CDW data and MVP genetic and survey data are stored. MVP and DOE researchers involved in the MVP-CHAMPION projects are using this environment to advance the frontiers of precision medicine. Its high-performance computation is beginning to expand research methods that will help improve their understanding of issues important to Veterans' health.
  • The VA Data Commons (coming soon) will bring together deidentified VA and MVP data, and computational, and scientific tools into one common platform where VA and non-VA researchers can obtain research access based on Veterans’ data-sharing preferences.  

*Note: Access to this analytic environment is only available to VA system users.