MVP Insider

MVP Insider

MVP Insider is an annual newsletter for Veterans who participate in the Million Veteran Program. Each issue includes stories about some of the most impactful discoveries made by MVP researchers—and what those research findings might mean for Veterans.

Issue 10, Fall 2022

Highlights from issue 10 include:

  • Program Director Dr. Sumitra Muralidhar outlines what’s next for MVP as it closes in on its millionth Veteran participant.
  • Principal Investigator Dr. Mike Gaziano explains why both his son and his dad signed up to join MVP.

Read on to learn about these research findings:

  • An MVP study identified genetic variants that put people at risk for PTSD and depression.
  • Researchers hope a study of the genes of people who attempt suicide can inform the way VA approaches suicide prevention.
  • A study found correlations between your height and your probability of developing several common conditions, including heart disease and circulatory disorders.
  • Is yogurt good for your heart? MVP research revealed new relationships between foods and health.

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